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Bullet Resistant Barrier

Bullet Resistant Barriers are the core of any Bullet Resistant system in a customer service environment. The custom Bullet Resistant Barrier provides a very functional interface between staff and patrons. When combined with our full line of complimentary products, the Bullet Resistant Barrier provides a subtle deterent to thieves.

Arched style window system can be designed to fit any application. We know that maintaining elegance inside your facility is a must, The arch style design does that while also maintaining excellent voice transmission and proper security throughout the entire transaction. This system is available in levels 1-3.

When straight lines fit your facilities interior better, the baffle style window system is your best solution, this system can be designed to fit any type of counter, such as continuous counter, counter with hoods, continuous riser etc. As with all our barrier systems you will have complete protection throughout the entire transaction process with excellent voice transmission.

This system was designed with your camera system in mind. We have taken the arch style dropped the window height down and elongated the opening. This will allow you to keep voice transmission as it should be while also keeping the window out of your camera's angle. This will give your camera a clear shot at the customer in all transactions. Available in Levels 1-3.

This bullet resistant barrier system is designed with simple but effective in mind. Utilizing the existing counter with a straight line style system and adding a backer correct distance off tray for voice transmission. Backers are available in circular style, square style, rectangular style, arched style and can also be custom designed with your ideas in mind. TBSi will always accommodate the customer with your ideas for your facility. Available in levels 1-3.

TBSi has the ability to custom design any barrier to your ideas, look and needs for your facility to be presentable and successful. In this style barrier you can see that the main wall section that typically site on the counter top is elevated off the counter. The wall section is elevated utilizing a custom slot in the brace for support. While the barrier is elevated the window is sitting directly on the counter also be notched into the brace from behind. This system has mirror finish stainless steel channel for mounting and support. Available in Levels 1-3.

When utilizing an open floor plan or taking advantage of a new building with bullet resistant security in mind. TBSi can design your product from the ground up. We will create your bullet resistant custom counters with your facility in mind. We can build straight counters on die walls, pedestals with custom shelving, counters with risers, etc. while all being bullet resistant from the floor to the finish height of your system. This will ensure the safety of all behind the barrier at all times. Available in Levels 1-3.

  • Bullet Resistant Barriers and Bulletproof Barriers of Michigan in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana
  • Bullet Resistant Barriers and Bulletproof Barriers of Michigan in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana
  • Bullet Resistant Barriers and Bulletproof Barriers of Michigan in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana
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